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​Online Piano Lessons

  • I teach online lessons on Zoom, or sometimes Facetime.

  • I've been teaching online since 2018.  I use three different camera angles, screen sharing, apps and other technologies to deliver engaging and effective online lessons. 

  • I've seen little difference in the speed or the depth of learning between online and in-person students.  

  • There are optional Zoom piano recitals and online performance parties offered each year.

  • Online lessons are a great way to minimize travel time for busy parents.

  • Fact I've noticed: Students miss fewer lessons when taking online piano lessons since they can take them from anywhere there's a keyboard, and can take their lessons even when a little under the weather.

  • Online lessons are Covid, Flu, and Cold-season safe!

  • A benefit:  Students don't need to get a new teacher if they move or take summers off if they travel.  This results in a continuity of learning that really keeps things moving forward.  

Student of Piano Teacher Stephanie Emery during an online piano lesson
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