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Compiled reviews from Yelp, Nextdoor, and Thumbtack

"Stephanie Emery is, in a word, a dream teacher. My 10-year old daughter has been her student for over two years, initially in person, and then seamlessly transitioning to online lessons when we moved out of state.  In both settings Stephanie has shown herself to be warm, professional, and responsive. She has an amazing ability to build rapport with her students, taking a genuine interest in both their musicianship and who they are as people. She has a deep understanding of piano pedagogy and an ability to tailor her teaching to meet the needs of individual students. She sets a high but gracious bar for technique while simultaneously encouraging artistic expression. Most importantly she has a gift for fostering in her students a deep, genuine love of music. My daughter loves to play piano in large part because of Stephanie's dedication and thoughtful instruction--and to me that's the ultimate win." - Joy Radford,  Seattle WA 














"Stephanie is an outstanding piano teacher. I had piano lessons with her. She tailored the lessons and chose the music in accordance with my personal style. My piano playing grew beyond my expectations because of her guidance. At a recent piano recital, people thought I played the piano at the level of an instructor. Her lessons are a healthy balance of discipline and fun and I would most definitely recommend her." - Jed Firebaugh, Kirkland WA



"My daughter is in her 3rd year taking piano lessons from Stephanie and I am continually amazed by her progress, both in her advancements with technique and with the artistry she is already able to add to her pieces. Stephanie is a caring and supportive instructor with an infectious enthusiasm for music, who also knows how to challenge her students to keep growing as musicians. My daughter adores Stephanie, and her piano lesson time with her has long been one of the highlights of her week. Being able to watch the confidence grow in your child as they improve at something they love and are passionate about is simply wonderful as a parent, and Stephanie's contribution to that has been immeasurable." - Aaron Eversman, West Seattle WA


"Stephanie is such an amazing teacher. I am one of her adult students and she is so great. She is extremely knowledgeable and very patient. I look forward to our lesson every week. She always finds ways to challenge and engage me and I feel as if I've flourished under her guidance. I would highly recommend Stephanie as a piano teacher and mentor. She is truly extraordinary and I'm so thankful to have found her." - Ann Patnaude, Chicago IL 


"It is hard to know where to start! Stephanie taught piano lessons to my daughter for 6 years from age 12 - 18. She is extremely insightful and came to understand my daughter quickly, then skillfully challenged her at exactly the right level through the years. Music came to be a great way of self expression for our daughter and also a way to relieve the kind of stress that sometimes visits during adolescence. Stephanie managed to walk the line of commitment to high standards and understanding that life is busy in the teen years.

She has been, without a doubt, an important part of our daughter's development as a musician and as a person. We are forever grateful to have had her in our lives. (I also took piano lessons from Stephanie - she is also very patient :) . It is bittersweet that I write this in the past tense - our daughter is going off to college halfway across the country! She would definitely be continuing piano lessons with Stephanie if she were to stay in Seattle. We highly recommend her to any other families seeking a piano teacher for their child. We would also happily answer any questions from any families considering Stephanie as a piano teacher." - Barbara Ford, Queen Anne, WA



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"Stephanie is a wonderful piano teacher. Highly recommended. My daughter loves her and is learning scales and piano theory as well as progressing through classical and modern pieces. She is being taught to play and really understand music." - Susan Duerden, Agoura Hills, CA

"We've loved having Stephanie teach our son to play the piano. He started as an eager 1st grader and, under Stephanie's guidance, is now growing into a Beethoven playing confident 5th grader (with an ample amount of Star Wars music to keep us on our toes). Stephanie finds a strength in her students and nurtures it along in a beautiful way. She is equal parts encouraging, thoughtful, patient, and focused. Best of all, she delights in her students and the joy of music education." - Amy Low, Menlo Park, CA

"Stephanie has given our son piano lessons for five years, and in that time has become such a vitally important part of our lives. She helped him discover a genuine love for music, for the piano, and confidence in himself and his abilities. She has a remarkable balance of patience, enthusiasm, encouragement, and discipline that was just perfect for him. He loves piano, and practices for the sheer joy of it, but he also practices because he wants to earn her praise. Her twice-yearly recitals have been absolutely formative for him, helping him gain self-confidence, pride, and an ease with performing in front of others. He started with her when he was in kindergarten, and it has been a joy to watch him grow with her over the years. Can't recommend her highly enough. We love Stephanie!"  - Michael O'Brien, West Seattle, WA

"My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Stephanie for over 4 years and she looks forward to her piano lesson every week. Stephanie's enthusiasm for teaching a subject she loves is inspiring. She has a great way with the kids that models a love and respect for piano, for the teaching process and for the student. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a piano instructor." - Jenny Roben, Seattle WA

"Can't say enough positive things about Stephanie. Our daughter is nine and in her third year of piano instruction with Stephanie. She has a kind, patient way of instructing while pushing her students to progress. She is a gifted musician herself and actively records and performs, but her priority is teaching piano and her passion for it shows. Her twice-yearly recitals are fun and festive. Our daughter has confidently grown as a musician under Stephanie and is developing an appreciation for all kinds of music as a result." - Heather Ring, Mercer Island WA

"Stephanie is a fabulous piano teacher. My child is 9 years old, and can be very emotional. Stephanie is gentle and adjusts the piano lesson to fit my daughter's currant daily mood. My daughter is always smiling after her piano lesson, no matter how she was feeling before. Stephanie has a calming effect and at same time, is sweet and fun while teaching my daughter the finer points of piano. My daughter, who has no natural talent for music, now plays piano beautifully." - Jill Rainbolt, Seattle WA

"Thank you so much for being such a sensitive and educational piano teacher for our son. I think with your guidance, he has been able to address some of the challenges he faces as a pianist and person in general. Your holistic approach has been so helpful and appreciated." - Bonni Bohn, Salt Lake City, UT

"My kids have been taking piano lessons from Stephanie for the past 5+ years, and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She is very warm and kind, with a calm demeanor. My son, who isn't always the most focused was able to learn piano well, and really enjoyed his lessons. My daughter picked up the piano so easily. I love that the kids are classically trained and happy that she incorporates music theory as well. If you are looking to take lessons, I highly recommend Stephanie!!" - Mira Beins, Seattle WA

"Stephanie loves music and she wants to share this love with her students. Both of my children, connected with her right away. She is very interested in learning about each child and what makes them tick. She focuses on a personalized learning plan. Her experience in teaching comes through in her calm, kind and confident demeanor." - Ellis Rausch, Thousand Oaks CA

San Diego Piano Instructor Stephanie Emery with student at Christmas recital
Adult piano student enjoying his practice time
Students of San Diego piano teacher Stephanie Emery playing a holiday piano duet
Adult piano student enjoying her practice time
Piano students of San Diego piano instructorStephanie Emery at a recital
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