Do your kids seem excited by music? Or is learning to play piano a dream of yours?  

I would be happy to be your or your child's musical mentor! 

My teaching style is very positive, combining compassion and warmth with modern teaching methods and an intuition developed from many years teaching, performing, and composing music.  

Every student is unique. Some will love playing scales and learning classical pieces. Others may be motivated by pop songs, movie and game soundtracks, showtunes or worship music. Others may thrive at learning music by ear, and some may love composing their own pieces or songs.


My own musical background is diverse and I teach a wide variety of styles and levels.  


I enjoy teaching students of all ages, stages and orientations, music is for everyone!


As a piano teacher, my goals are to enrich people's lives by teaching them the language of music, while at the same time helping to improve their life-skills of focus, patience, curiosity, and practice.  I relate well with kids and adults alike and make each lesson fun!

Teaching piano is my passion and my profession.  With over 18k lessons taught, I'm honored to pass on my experience to students, inspiring them become the best musicians they can be.   

Stephanie Emery  xo

Student and piano instructor Stephanie Emery in a piano lesson in Thousand Oaks, CA

Benefits of Music Lessons 

  • Helps build confidence and self-esteem

  • Helps develop a focused and patient mind

  • Helps develop discipline

  • Improves memory and coordination

  • Helps with accountability to have an actual teacher, students stick with it longer 

  • Learn to constructively express feelings

  • Can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety

  • Developmental and health benefits for all ages and stages

My Background​​

  • Classically trained pianist from age five

  • BA Music from Western Washington University, piano performance and music education 

  • Full time music instructor with 20+ years experience 

  • Member of the Music Teachers Association of California

  • MTAC Certificate of Merit Curriculum available

  • Diverse musical background; pianist, singer, songwriter, guitarist and music producer 

  • Some Spanish 

  • References available

Keyboard and piano teacher Stephanie Emery with her band Like Lightning
Guitar and Singing lessons with Stephanie Emery.jpg