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Palm Springs Piano Instructor Stephanie Emery

Do your kids seem excited by music? Or is learning to play piano a dream of yours?  

I would be happy to talk with you about learning the piano!


My teaching style is very positive, combining modern teaching methods with an intuition developed from many years of teaching piano.  

Each student is unique. Some will love learning classical pieces. Others may be motivated by pop songs, movie and game soundtracks, showtunes or worship music. Others may thrive at learning music by ear, and some may love composing their own pieces.

I am a piano education specialist. I teach students to read, hear and interpret music and chords, to play with great technique, and to understand music theory and other musical skills and concepts.  These building blocks are foundational for well-rounded and happy musicians.   

I teach from a full size grand piano, though it's not necessary for students to have a "real" piano at home. A digital piano can be a great way to start. If you don't have an instrument yet, I can help you choose the right one!  

My teaching goals are to make each lesson a fun and rich learning experience. My students are often with me for years, and the bond we form is special to me. I take great care in the musical and holistic growth of every person who studies with me.  

Teaching piano is my passion and my profession.  I'd love to connect with you about your interest in the piano!

Stephanie Emery  xo

Student and piano instructor Stephanie Emery in a piano lesson in Thousand Oaks, CA

Benefits of Piano Lessons 

  • Helps build confidence and self-esteem

  • Helps develop a focused and patient mind

  • Helps develop discipline

  • Improves memory and coordination

  • Helps with accountability to have an actual teacher, students stick with it longer 

  • Learn to constructively express feelings

  • Can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety

  • Developmental and health benefits for all ages and stages

My Background​​

  • Classically trained pianist from age five

  • BA Music from Western Washington University

  • Full time music instructor with 20+ years experience 

  • Fully vetted member of the Music Teachers Association of California

  • Multi-instrumentalist (also play guitar and drums, and am a trained vocalist)

  • Versatile and relatable musician with both classical training, and a long career in pop/rock/alternative bands in my hometown Seattle

  • References available

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