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Piano instructor Stephanie Emery at her studio in San Diego, CA

Do your kids seem excited by music? Or is learning to play piano a dream of yours?  

My name is Stephanie Emery, and I'd like to share about my teaching, perhaps we could be a good fit!


My teaching style is person-centered and positive, combining modern teaching methods with intuition developed from many years teaching piano full-time.  My style is warm and encouraging, with plenty of attention to detail and a healthy dose of fun.  

Every student is unique, and there are many paths up the musical mountain.  I am experienced teaching multiple styles of music to different types of learners. And although I am classically trained, I am also a songwriter and studio musician. This diverse musical background lends an approach to teaching that connects me with a wide variety of students.   

In our lessons together, students will learn to read music, hear and interpret musical styles, read lead sheets/chords, to play with great technique, and to understand music theory and other important musical skills and concepts. 

I teach from a full size grand piano, though it's not necessary for students to have a "real" piano at home. A digital piano can be a great way to start. If you don't have an instrument yet, I can help you choose the right one!  

My goal is to make each lesson a fun and rich learning experience. My students are often with me for years, and the bond we form is special to me. I take great care in the musical and holistic growth of every person who studies with me.  

Music is in all people!  I welcome students ages 5 and up, including adults.  

About Emery Piano 


  • Classically trained pianist from age five

  • BA Music from Western Washington University

  • Full time piano instructor with 20+ years experience 

  • Member, Music Teachers Association of California

  • Multi-instrumentalist and trained vocalist

  • 20+ years as a solo performer, studio musician, singer/songwriter, music producer

Benefits of piano lessons 

  • Become a better pianist and all-around musician 

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Develop a focused and patient mind

  • Develop discipline

  • Improve memory and coordination

  • Helps with accountability to have an actual teacher, students stick with it longer 

  • Constructively express feelings

  • Relieve feelings of stress and anxiety

  • Developmental and health benefits for all ages and stages

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