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  • How long does it take to learn piano?
    Learning piano takes time and practice. To learn a few simple pieces by rote may take only a few weeks. To learn to play piano with fluency and to read music takes longer. How much longer is variable depending on dedication and practice. Think of learning to play as a journey, not a destination...Learning to play can be a joyful, lifelong passion!
  • How frequent and how long are piano lessons?
    Lessons occur at the same pre-arranged time each week, and can be either 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration.
  • What are the benefits of taking lessons online?
    Taking online lessons allows you to take your lessons from anywhere with a keyboard, resulting in the most flexibility. No more missed lessons due to travel as long as where you're going has a keyboard. No more missed lessons due to minor illness. No more missed lessons due to weather or road conditions Continuity of lessons if you move around a lot. Great, qualified teachers at your fingertips even if you don't live in an area near one!
  • What is the earliest age to start piano?
    I teach students from age five.
  • What methods do you use for beginners?
    I teach beginners a combination of the Safari method and the Faber Piano Adventures method. These are considered "intervallic" approaches to reading, which I've had great success with. Safari method has great rote pieces for motivation and wonderful, highly effective early technical instruction.
  • Will I or my child be able to play the music we like?
    I love helping students learn the pieces that motivate them. At first, if the music they want to play is too difficult, we may opt to keep it simpler. As students grow and their playing improves, more and more pieces and styles open up. I love it when a student comes to me with a piece and if they aren't ready to play it yet, it becomes a goal we can work towards.
  • What kind of piano or keyboard do I need?
    A keyboard or piano is necessary from the beginning so that students can practice at home. If you don't already have a piano or keyboard, I am happy to advise and help you get one that meets your needs and budget.
  • How often should I or my child practice?
    Frequent practice is necessary to learn piano. These don't necessarily have to be long practices....I prefer a student practice 10-30 minutes of focused practice each day rather than an hour of practice the day before the lesson, though any amount of practice is good practice. I help students learn to practice, we set reasonable goals for each individual student. For kids I use sticker charts and prizes for practice goals met. For adults, I am a very understanding teacher about schedules and how these affect practicing.
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