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Practicing Piano or Keyboard

Playing piano is both an art and a physical skill.  To gain proficiency and mastery at both the artistic and the physical elements takes time and practice.

I encourage students to practice; I give each student a weekly practice goal unique to each student according to their age and level, and I use a sticker chart and prizes for kids who meet their goals.

Thousand Oaks piano student applying stickers to her chart

Additionally, I work with students on "practicing smarter not harder" techniques to get the most out of their practicing time.


Together with parental support at home, finding time for practice and making the most of that time is a life skill students learn in addition to learning to play beautifully!

The Instrument at home

Thousand Oaks piano lessons student at her keyboard

Practicing at home may be done on a piano or an 88 weighted-key keyboard equipped with sustain pedal. I am happy to consult and make recommendations if you don't yet have an instrument.  

For optimal development of technique an adjustable height bench and a footstool is suggested for young children.  A metronome will also be needed for lessons.  

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